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Grain producer in Ukraine


UKRAGRO Ltd is an agricultural holding located in the Odessa region, represented on the grain market of Ukraine since 1994. Having started working as a trading company over time, we have built close partnerships with farms, collective farms, elevators.
Today, the UKRAGRO company not only sells agricultural products on the territory of Ukraine, but also actively participates in its production on its agricultural areas and provides seed to agricultural partner enterprises with further assistance in the sale. Own bank of land in 2021 amounted to 20,000 hectares, located in 4 districts of the Odessa region (Velikomikhailovsky, Razdelnyansky, Oknyansky, Limansky).
Currently, UKRAGRO Ltd grows crops: wheat, corn, peas, rapeseed, flax, mustard and lentils. At the same time, UKRAGRO Ltd is engaged in animal husbandry, milk from the dairy farm UKRAGRO Ltd is supplied to dairy plants in the Odessa region. Also UKRAGRO Ltd has a partner share in a cheese-making company, for the production of products of which milk from its own dairy farm is used.
Since 2000, our company has entered international sales markets supplying grain products to the world's leading grain trading companies.
We have created a unique place where quality is a must in everything we do.
  With the aim of expanding its activities and a progressive way of development, UKRAGRO Ltd is open for cooperation in the following areas:
- orders for the cultivation of agricultural crops;
- seed growing;
- joint production for processing agricultural products;
- development of horticulture and berry business.

We are ready to expand our business and acquire new reliable partner!

Производство зерна в Украине
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